1. Setup
The Enterprise and the Hathaway were using only light beams for computer-scored hits. A Ferengi scavenger vessel appeared and demanded the Hathaway.
  2. Action
The Enterprise was between the Marauder and the Hathaway. As a show of strength the Enterprise fired its two remaining photon torpedoes at the Hathaway and the Ferengi witnessed its 'destruction.'
3. Effect
The Ferengi were amazed at Picard's demonstration of ruthlessness toward a fellow Starfleet crew. When more Federation ships appeared to be in the vicinity - another trick engineered by the Hathaway crew - the Ferengi decided that they had better leave the star system rather than confront any more seemingly merciless Starfleet captains, and they turned and fled.




In response to the threat posed by the Borg, Starfleet initiated a series of training exercises in 2365 to test the command abilities and combat acumen of its officers.

As part of the battle simulations, Captain Picard remained in charge of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, while Commander Riker was given command of the U.S.S. Hathaway NCC-2593, a crumbling 80-year-old starcruiser powered only by impulse Avidyne engines.

Tactical strategies

Riker was given just 48 hours to make the Hathaway battle-ready. With the help of 40 Enterprise crew members, including Geordi La Forge, Worf, and the teenaged Wesley Crusher, Riker began making his preparations.

Despite the Enterprise's significant advantage over the Hathaway Picard refused to underestimate his opponent's capabilities, and this was confirmed by Data, who concluded, after having researched Riker's combat tactics, that the first officer only employed traditional strategies 21 percent of the time.

For the purposes of the exercise all weapons were offline and the battle was to be fought with special light beams that sensors translated into simulated damage.

Initially, Riker countered Picard's traditional opening Kumeh maneuver by sending false information to the Enterprise's sensors. On the Enterprise's main viewer, Picard saw a decloaking Romulan warship swooping in with deadly intent. This distraction gave the lumbering Hathaway a chance to register a series of hits on the Enterprise before Picard realized he'd been tricked.

Faked destruction

Wesley had sneaked a small amount of antimatter aboard the Hathaway, and this gave the ship the ability to reach warp one for less that two seconds. Riker planned to surprise the Enterprise with this capability at the most expedient moment.

Unfortunately, the games were interrupted by an attacking Ferengi ship intent on capturing the Hathaway to make a profit. Both Starfleet vessels still had their phaser systems offline, leaving them at the mercy of the scavenging Ferengi.

In order to avoid capture, the Enterprise fired two functioning torpedoes at the Hathaway just as the old ship made a warp jump sidestep. The Ferengi saw the explosion and were fooled into thinking that the Enterprise had chosen to destroy the Hathaway rather than see it captured. The Hathaway followed up by sending false readings to the Ferengi craft. When sensors appeared to reveal several Starfleet craft heading their way, the Ferengi quickly fled.