1. Buckling shields
Voyager's shields were rapidly failing under the incessant attacks from the Vidiian ships, which were too powerful to be defeated by conventional weapons.
  2. Critical timing
The antimatter container moved toward the Vidiian vessels, and Tuvok patiently waited before giving the order to fire so as to ensure Voyager's safety.
3. Oblivious to the danger
When the antimatter container was in close proximity to the approaching Vidiian ships, Tuvok ordered Harry Kim to fire a photon torpedo at it.
  4. Crippled crafts
The antimatter container exploded and neutralized the Vidiian ships. By the time they were fully operational, Voyager was several light years away.




In 2372, Tuvok used an antimatter maneuver against the Vidiians when he was acting captain of the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656.

For nearly three months, Tuvok had overcome the difficulties of commanding an emotional crew, who were understandably troubled after they had been forced to abandon Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay on an unexplored planet, where the two senior officers had been infected by an incurable viral toxin.

Meeting the enemy

Acting against Janeway's last direct orders, Tuvok was finally persuaded by the crew to request medical assistance from the Vidiians, a species that has superior medical technology which they developed in an effort to cure a disease known as the phage that attacks their genetic codes and cellular structures.

Voyager's previous encounter with the Vidiians were anything but friendly. During one of these encounters Neelix's lungs were forcibly removed by an advanced Vidiian transplantation technique, so Tuvok's initial reluctance to negotiate with the Vidiians was understandable. However, the crew had helped save the life of the Vidiian Denara Pel, who believed she had persuaded her people to help them.

Under attack

However, when Voyager arrived at the rendezvous point, it was caught in a Vidiian ambush. Tuvok responded to the threat will all Voyager's weaponry, but it soon became clear that the Starfleet vessel was not powerful enough to repel the threat.

With the shields gradually failing under the Vidiian bombardment, Tuvok's logical Vulcan mind and his advanced Starfleet tactical training proved their value when he devised an alternate battle plan.

Tuvok's tactics required split-second timing if they were to be successful. He ordered engineering to create and then deploy a container of antimatter in the path of the pursuing Vidiian vessels. Once the container had reached a sufficient distance from Voyager, but was still in proximity to the Vidiian ships, Tuvok ordered Ensign Kim to fire upon it with a photon torpedo.

The resulting explosion generated a far greater explosive yield than a standard torpedo. At the exact moment the antimatter was detonated, Paris was ordered to bring the ship to full impulse so that it avoided the full brunt of the explosion.

Out of danger

The massive shockwave generated by the antimatter explosion disabled the Vidiian vessels. Voyager avoided major damage by anticipating the explosion and riding the shockwave, leaving Tuvok and his crew free to jump to warp and leave their ambushers far behind.