1. Set a course
In 2370, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D came under attack from a renegade Borg vessel. Dr. Beverly Crusher, who was in acting command of the ship, realized a direct confrontation with the Borg ship would be suicide, so she decided to take the Enterprise into the corona of a nearby star where the Borg could not follow.
  2. Activate shields
Ordinarily, the Enterprise would not have been able to withstand the intense heat and radiation from the star, but Dr. Crusher employed experimental metaphasic shielding. This technology had been developed by Ferengi scientist Dr. Reyga, and was successful in protecting the ship from the star's extreme temperature.
3. Fire particle beam
As impressive as the metaphasic shields were, they could not protect the Enterprise for long, and the Borg vessel was still waiting for them to emerge. The crew of the Enterprise devised a plan to fire an energetic particle beam at the surface of the star to induce a solar flare that they hoped to direct at the Borg ship.
  4. Generate solar flare
The Enterprise's carefully directed particle beam caused the sun's photosphere to destabilize. A pressure wave formed, finally causing an enormous solar flare to burst out of the corona. The solar eruption totally engulfed the Borg vessel, resulting in its destruction and leaving the Enterprise free to exit the protection of the sun.




Dr. Beverly Crusher, now in command of the Enterprise with only a skeleton crew, is confronted with a bad situation when a ship that matches the configuration of the Rogue Borg ship is detected closing on their location.

The new tactical officer, Taitt, shows obvious inexperience, having been posted there only six weeks prior. The ship rescues all but 47 of the crew from the surface before escaping the Borg attack. Barnaby relieves Taitt at tactical, but Crusher sends her to the science station to keep her on the bridge. She orders a probe readied with their log entries and shoots it off to transmit them to Starfleet. Meanwhile, Crusher and company ready a plan to drop out of warp in orbit of the planet and rescue the remaining crewmembers.

Approaching the star, Crusher orders Barnaby to activate the metaphasic shielding, which works, lowering the radiation level and temperature of the hull while getting the Borg ship off their tail.

Faced with only a few minutes of metaphasic shielding left, Taitt, having done her senior honors thesis on solar dynamics, thinks up a plan to create a solar eruption to destroy the Borg ship. After firing phasers and using the tractor beam, the ship is destroyed and the Enterprise is free to orbit the planet again.