1. The Numiri vessels were much less powerful than VOYAGER, but with their persistent attacks would slowly weaken her shielding.   2. As was standard procedure before boarding a vessel, the Numiri ship attempted to lock its tractor beams onto VOYAGER.
3. Chakotay suggested the B'Elanna blow the dorsal emitters and vent exhaust to create the illusion that VOYAGER was damaged.   4. The fully functioning VOYAGER appeared to be a conquered adversary to the Numiri vessels who closed in to board the ship.
5. While the Numiri activated their tractor beams, the seemingly disabled VOYAGER established a phaser lock on the enemy.   6. VOYAGER destroyed the Numiri ships' navigational deflectors with its phaser fire, and then escaped using its impulse engines.




When the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 entered a war zone between the Numiri and the Baneans in 2371, it attempted to avoid becoming involved as it did not wish to appear partial to either side of the conflict.

Unprovoked attack

Voyager's neutral position was nearly compromised when it became the target of an unprovoked act of aggression by the Numiri. However, rather than destroy the vastly inferior vessels, Commander Chakotay advised employing the 'play dead' maneuver. This tactic is used to lure enemy vessels into close range where they can either be disabled more easily or destroyed. It is not exclusively a Maquis tactic, although it was widely used by them.

Commander Chakotay told Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres to blow out the dorsal phase emitter, and then vent a pair of L-N-Two exhaust conduits along the dorsal emitters. This had the effect of making it seem as if Voyager had been seriously damaged by the Numiri vessels.

The final element of this maneuver was to take all engines offline, making it appear that Voyager was helpless. From the Numiri's perspective it appeared that Voyager was in serious trouble by the nitrogen emissions billowing from it.

Numiri outwitted

Falling for a ruse that had also tricked many Starfleet vessels, the two enemy warships began to close in on Voyager. Chakotay, however, anticipated this response, and immediately ordered Voyager's phasers to lock on to the two Numiri warship' navigational deflectors.

When the Numiri vessels closed to with 1,500 kilometers of 'sitting duck,' they engaged their tractor beams. Chakotay used this opportunity to fire Voyager's phasers, and he instructed Torres to engage the impulse engines.

In a single motion, Voyager's phasers blasted the two Numiri vessels, destroying their navigational deflectors and disabling them while using full impulse power to secure its escape.

In this way, Chakotay managed to extricate Voyager from a hostile threat without taking lives or adversely affecting the balance of power between the two warring factions in the sector.