A Sovereign Class starship flees from the detonation of a subspace weapon  


Banned by many Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers in the Second Khitomer Accords, these weapons are among the most dangerous ever conceived. They are dangerous specifically because they are very unpredictable. Therefore, they are not used on ships of the major powers.

Among several notable exceptions are the Son'a, an offshoot of the Ba'ku species who were reported to have fitted their warship fleet with subspace weapons. This was confirmed when a Son'a vessel fired an Isolitic burst at the Enterprise-E in 2375; a subspace tear was formed which headed directly towards the Enterprise. This ship was already suffering from battle damage at the time, and was unable to maneuver well as the battle was fought within a large set of anomalies known as the "Briar Patch."

In this event, the crew of the Enterprise-E ejected the ships warp core and detonated it inside the tear.