A Spatial Torpedo about to be loaded  


Spatial torpedoes were a weapons load carried aboard Earth Starfleet ships during the 22nd century. Prior to the development of the phase cannon, these torpedoes were the most powerful weapon in a standard ship's armament.

Unlike later photon and quantum torpedoes, the loading and firing of spatial torpedoes was partly manual. Inactive torpedoes were stored on racks in the armory. When a ship engaged in combat, the torpedo was removed from its holding rack and placed on a launching rail, which inserted the torpedo into its firing tube. The torpedo could then be fired, either from the Tactical console on the bridge or the firing console in the armory.

Spatial torpedoes were part of the original armament inventory of the NX-01 Enterprise, and could be launched from three points on the ship's hull: two forward tubes, attached to the armory; and one aft. The ship was equiped with experimental photonic torpedoes prior to the starship's mission to the Delphic Expanse but Enterprise kept its complement of spatial torpedoes.

The Spatial torpedoes which the NX-01 and, presumably, previous classes of warp-capable vessels used were called Triton-Class spatial torpedoes. These torpedoes share similar detonation layouts to the cloaked Romulan mines that the NX-01 encountered in 2152, deployed in a system annexed by the Romulan Star Empire.