A Defiant Class starship fires quantum torpedoes   Quantum Torepdo Diagram


The quantum torpedo is the first Starfleet follow-on weapon to replace the standard photon torpedo first developed in 2268. Existing and future threat force conflicts drove the development of a new defensive standoff weapon that could be deployed on specially equipped starships, starbases, and planetary-surface fortifications.

The quantum torpedo consists of a pressure-molded shell of densified tritanium and duranium foam, trapezoidal in cross section and tapered at the forward end for atmospheric applications. A 7-millimeter layer of plasma-bonded terminium ceramic forms an ablative armor skin for the foam hull, over which is bonded a .12-millimeter coating of silicon-copper-yttrium rigid polymer as an antiradiation coating. The chamber measures .76 meters in diameter by 1.38 meters in length and 2.3 centimeters in average thickness. The zero-point initiator is powered by the detonation of an uprated photon torpedo warhead with a yield of 21.8 isotons.