Deflector dish of a Galaxy Class starship  


The main deflector dish consists of an array and a duranium framework. It covered decks 31 to 38 of a Galaxy Class starship and was designed to push aside space debris. The deflector beam was created by generators on deck 34.

Valuable particles

The deflector normally pushed away the very hydrogen molecules that the Bussard ramscoop was designed to collect. In order to overcome this, the subspace fields were manipulated to create holes in specified areas of the deflector fields, which the hydrogen atoms could pass through so they could be collected.

Power Requirements

The deflector normally only tapped one of its three generators at a time. At faster-than-light speeds up to warp 8, the deflector used 80 percent of its output. At speeds greater than this, two deflector generators operated in phase sync. At impulse speeds, the deflector normally only outputted 27 megawatts.

Saucer Deflectors

In separated flight mode, the saucer section relied on four fixed-focus navigational deflectors. When the ship was in normal mode, these served as a backup to the main deflector.