Deep Space 9 Phasers   Deep Space 9 Photon Torpedoes


In 2370 the Dominion declared that the Gamma Quadrant end of the wormhole now belonged to them. In the brief battle that followed the Galaxy class USS Odyssey was destroyed. A subsequent Federation threat to destroy the wormhole if a Dominion fleet attempted to come through established a fragile stalemate. As the front line against this new threat, Deep Space Nine moved much higher on Starfleet's priority list. The USS Defiant was assigned to the station and Starfleet began to assign regular starship patrols to the area.

A comprehensive program of upgrades to the stations own armament systems was also undertaken. The original Cardassian design mounted six phaser banks and six photon torpedo tubes on small towers on the Habitat Ring. Starfleet engineers installed a Rotary Weapon System on each tower which included the latest in phaser and photon torpedo design and strength.

These new upgrades saw their first action against a Klingon fleet, led by Chancellor Gowron. At this point, the Khitomer Accords were not in effect. In the battle that followed, the new weapons performed admirably. The Klingon taskforce suffered considerable damage, though the Klingon flagship, the IKS Negh'Var, overwhelmed the station's shields and transported boarding parties.

These boarding parties were contained soon and ops was soon secured. The Klingon fleet was then forced to retreat upon sensors indicating Starfleet reinforcements under the command of the Galaxy class USS Venture was warping into the area. The Klingons then resumed their conflict with the Cardassians.

When the Cardassian Union joined forces with the Dominion, the Klingons were forced back. Chancellor Gowron reinstated the Khitomer Accords. The Klingons and United Federation of Planets maintained an uneasy truce with the Dominion.

This lasted less than a year. The Dominion built up forces and supplies coming from their end of the wormhole. In response, Starfleet ordered the entrance to the wormhole mined. The USS Defiant finished this mining process just in time for the ensuing Dominion attack.

The Dominion assault was successful in taking the station. They held it for approximately three months, before Starfleet and the Klingons launched an attack of their own. In Starfleet's "Operation Return," the Starfleet/Klingon fleet was able to retake Deep Space 9.