Ablative armor fitted on a Prometheus class starship  


Armor that protects a starship hull from damage. Ablative armor is an additional reactive plating imposing a counterforce to incoming weapon fire. It absorbs the energy and redistributes it evenly among the other parts of the ship and away from other key systems. Ablative armor was designed to disintegrate at a controlled rate under directed energy blasts, providing an additional layer of defense for starships.

It is of note that under certain conditions, chroniton particles generated by Romulan cloaking devices can become lodged in the ablative armor matrix. On at least one occasion, a temporal surge caused by the explosion of a microscopic singularity shifted the chroniton particles in the hull into a high state of temporal polarization, this caused a transporter beam to be redirected through time.

Ablative armor has been installed into most of the newer classes of starships. The Sovereign Class, Prometheus Class, and Defiant Class have all received ablative armor protection. At least one Borg ship, a Tactical Cube was also equipped with a type of ablative armor.