The tricorder is a multipurpose scientific and technical instrument. Developed for Starfleet, the tricorder incorporates sensors, computers, and recorders in a convenient, portable form. These technical devices have proven to be most versatile in their applications on a divergent number of application scenarios. The tricorder has become standard issue equipment for almost all types of missions. These durable pieces of equipment have more than proven their worth on many an occasion. It is a commonly known joke that "there is nothing a tricorder can't do among Starfleet personnel.

Several models of tricorder have been used by starship crews over the years. All of them have featured state-of-the-art sensing technology, and have been an essential part of starship missions and operations.

Specialized tricorders are available for specific engineering, scientific and medical applications. In 2366, standard issue Starfleet tricorders were unable to detect subspace phenomena. They were also incapable of sensing neutrino emissions. The presence of thoron particles could interfere with a tricorder scan. The Maquis used to evade tricorder searches by using portable thoron generators.



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