The dermal regenerator is used to heal damaged skin by emitting a controlled dose of radiation, and can be used for everything from removing light cosmetic blemishes to healing sever burns. There are several different models of dermal regenerators, but the most widely used is a simply designed unit with a hammer-shaped head on top of a pistol grip.


The unit is activated by a thumb switch on the upright pistol grip, just behind the head. The square beam emitter glows when in use, and should be held between two and 10 centimeters from the damaged skin. Its wide flexibility ensures it can remove branded scars, surgical incisions, puncture wounds, and even second-degree plasma burns.

A different model of dermal regenerator is used aboard the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656. It has a stubby, cone shape and is activated by a contact switch on the bottom of the unit. As with all dermal regenerators, it is part of the standard contents of a medical kit. Another model of dermal regenerator was seen in operation aboard the experimental U.S.S. Prometheus NX-59650 in 2374. This version has a hand-grip at one end, and widens slightly at the head where the beam is discharged from a red nozzle. It also doubles as an osteogenic stimulator, which means it can repair hairline bone fractures as well as severe burns and other skin damage.

Parallel technology

Other cultures also have similar instruments. As far back as the 2340's, the Cardassians employed dermal regenerators with capabilities on a par with those in the Federation. Major Kira Nerys witnessed this during her visit to the year 2346 via the Orb of Time, when she watched Gul Dukat heal an old scar on her mother's cheek. No special training is needed to operate a dermal regenerator and as a consequence they have become fairly widespread, even outside of Starfleet. For example, Joseph Sisko keeps one in his restaurant in case of burns incurred while cooking.



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