The personal communicator has a case made from duranium. The heart of the communicator is the STA (Subspace Transceiver Assembly). This incorporates a low-power subspace field emitter and an analogue to digital voice encoder. The STA is also used in other devices such as the PADD and tricorder. Voice inputs are received by a monofilm pickup microphone. All Starfleet communications are encrypted, the voice signals are modified by the encryption assembly. The encryption algorithms used by Starfleet are changed on a random schedule.

Power is provided by the communicator's sarium krellide power cell, which provides enough power for two weeks normal use. Communicators are recharged through EM induction. Communication between two personal communicators is limited to approximately 500 km, starship's communication systems are able to enhance signals, giving a ground to ship range of approximately 75,000 km. Communicators require a line of sight. Range will improve if the planet's magnetic field is less than 0.9 gauss or mean geological density is less than 5.56 g/cc.

For security purposes the communicator can identify it's user bioelectrical field and temperature profiles using it's built in dermal sensor array. If another crew member tries to use the communicator without security override authority, the communicator will not activate. During normal situations, security codes are changed every five days. In emergencies the codes change at least once every 24 hours.



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