Borg data nodes are small, sophisticated devices used to store the huge amount of information that is gathered by Borg vessels and individual drones. Data nodes are connected directly to a drone's regeneration alcove, so that information can be downloaded and then disseminated throughout the entire collective.

Data nodes use the Borg alpha-numeric code language, and can record a wide range of diagrammatic, textual, audio, and visual data in this format

Data Storage

Specific information stored by Borg data nodes includes assimilation logistics that deal with the races and number of individuals assimilated by the drones of a particular ship, as well as the vessel's lon-range sensor telemetry. Data nodes also record the movement of other Borg ships, including their course, speed, and intended destination.

Modified nodes

Seven of Nine uses a personal data node in order to record her daily duties aboard the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 and more personal observations in a series of timed log entries. In 2376, Seven adapted her alcove to function as a cortical sub-processing unit that could download newly acquired information from a series of data nodes directly into her cortical implant. Her attempts to process such enormous amounts of information led to a temporary, but powerful, paranoid state, and she later disassembled her modifications.