Borg Name: Seven of Nine

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Rank: Civilian
Serial Number:  
Full Name: Birth Name: Annika Hansen
Borg Name: Seven of Nine
Date of Birth: Stardate 25479
Date of Death:  
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Starfleet Career Summary

Introductory Medical Notes: EMH Doctor, AK-1

The Borg formerly known by the designation "Seven of Nine" has been disconnected from the Borg collective mind through the neutralization of the upper-spinal column neurotransceiver. In total, I have extracted eighty-two percent of her Borg hardware implants. The remaining bio-implants have been stabilized and remain critical to her life support. I have also stimulated her human metabolism and immune system, though the Borg Nanobots in her bloodstream will more than suffice until she has stabilized. Hair follicles have been repaired and stimulated. Left eyepiece has been replaced by an artificial organ replacement, simulating her own organic eye.

Starfleet records indicate that Seven of Nine was formerly Annika Hansen. Annika's parents were last reported to be leaving a remote outpost in the Omega sector, headed towards the Delta Quadrant in a small vessel The Raven. It is possible that the Hansen family were the first humans to be assimilated by the Borg.

For detailed records of the implant removal process, access U.S.S. Voyager Medical Database 01-022473-007.

See also: Medical logs, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, SD 44001.4, CMO Beverly Crusher. Subject: Locutus, aka Jean-Luc Picard.
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