Starfleet vs. Xindi, with assistance by the Sphere Builders   Starfleet Casualties: 27 crewmembers of Enterprise. 7 million killed in initial Xindi attack on Earth.

Xindi, with assistance by the Sphere Builders Casualties: One Xindi-Reptilian pilot killed in initial attack on Earth. Sphere Builders beaten back to their realm.

Starfleet victory.

A Xindi sphere fires a powerful burst at Earth

This burst dealt a devastating blow to the surface of Earth, moving from Florida, across Cuba, to South America


In March of 2153, acting on intelligence provided by the Sphere Builders, the Xindi launched a surprise attack on Earth. The Xindi, who had been without a homeworld since the 2030s, had been informed by their protectors that in the 26th Century humanity was going to destroy their new homeworld.

Because of this, the Xindi-Primate scientist (and Xindi Council member) Degra had been working for several years on a superweapon capable of destroying an entire planet.

It was the first prototype of the weapon, a small one-man vessel crewed by a Xindi-Reptilian warrior, that carried out this attack on Earth. It utilized a powerful force beam to carve a swath of destruction from Florida to Venezuela, killing seven million people, including the sister of Commander Charles Tucker. The vessel subsequently self-destructed.

As a result of this attack, the Earth Starfleet recalled the NX-01 Enterprise, which was currently on a deep-space exploration mission in the Beta Quadrant.