United Federation of Planets vs. Cardassian Union   United Federation of Planets Casualties: Over 100 civilian casualties.

Cardassian Union Casualties: Unknown.

Decisive Cardassian Union victory.

Miles Edward O'Brien, the hero of Setlik III

The Setlik III outpost was attacked by forces of the Cardassian Union


The Setlik III Massacre was a major event during the Federation-Cardassian Wars.

The Federation colony of Setlik III was believed by the Cardassian Union to be a staging ground for an assault on Cardassian space, and a strike force was dispatched to the colony to destroy it. However, no such military plans or base existed, and the Cardassian troops attacked the civilian population, with over 100 casualties.

The Federation starship USS Rutledge, under the command of Captain Benjamin Maxwell, was the first vessel to respond to the colony's distress calls, though it was stationed some hours away. Upon arrival at Setlik III, the Rutledge deployed landing parties who were instrumental in saving the lives of the remaining colonists. Crewman Miles O'Brien became known and decorated as the "Hero of Setlik III" for his actions on the surface.

Among the casualties were Maxwell's entire family, as well as Rutledge crewmembers Will Kayden and Raymond Boone.