Alpha Quadrant Alliance (United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire) vs. Dominion, Cardassian Union, Breen Confederacy   Alpha Quadrant Alliance (United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire) Casualties: Unknown, many starships destroyed. Both planets in the system occupied.

Dominion, Cardassian Union, Breen Confederacy Casualties: Unknown. Orbital weapons platforms proved ineffective.

Tactical Alpha Quadrant Alliance victory.

The Allied fleet engages the Cardassian weapons platforms at Chin'toka

An Akira class vessel is destroyed at the First Battle of Chin'toka


The First Battle of Chin'toka was the first offensive launched by the allied forces of the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire into territory held by the Dominion and the Cardassian Union during the Dominion War. The battle, fought in late 2374, was a tactical and psychological victory for the allies.

Apart from the allies' victory at Deep Space Nine eight months previously, the allies were fighting a defensive war of attacking and retreating. Key planets including Betazed, Coridan, and Benzar all fell to the Dominion with Vulcan, Alpha Centauri, and Earth within reach.

With the addition of the Romulans to the fight, the allies decided an offensive was necessary. The Chin'toka system, located on the Cardassian border, was chosen because the Dominion had drastically weakened the defenses in the system - only relying on five squadrons of Jem'Hadar attack ships.

Once the Allied fleet arrived, they found the system defended more heavily than initially thought. In addition to the Jem'Hadar ships, the Cardassians had developed orbital weapons platforms to guard the system. These platforms had a variety of strong weapons and regenerative shielding. Hundreds of them were deployed in the Chin'toka system but remained unpowered.

The combined fleet quickly attacked the platforms. The Jem'Hadar attacked the ships immediately with kamikaze attacks which heavily damaged the Klingon contingent. Undaunted, the fleet advanced into the midst of the deactivated platforms and proceeded to demolish them one by one. In moments, the platforms activated and proceeded to inflict a devastating blow to the allied fleet. Several ships were destroyed or crippled in moments while the platforms to little to no damage. However, they did have a weak spot.

In the chaos of the battle, an unusual anomaly was detected by Elim Garak aboard the USS Defiant - none of the weapons platforms carried their own power source, meaning they were deriving their power elsewhere. The Defiant found that a generator on a nearby asteroid moon was providing the power to the platforms. Chief Miles O'Brien developed a way of tricking the weapons platforms into firing on the power source. Using the ship's deflector array, O'Brien imprinted a Federation warp signature on the moon, making it appear as an enemy vessel. Multiple platforms opened fire on the asteroid moon quickly destroying it.

With their power source gone, the weapons platforms deactivated losing their weapons and shields. The remaining fleet destroyed the rest of the platforms while the Klingons and General Martok began transporting ground troops to the surface of both planets. Soon the system was in Allied control.