United Federation of Planets vs. Sphere Builders   United Federation of Planets Casualties: Unknown.

Sphere Builders Casualties: Unknown.

Decisive United Federation of Planets victory.

Daniels and Captain Jonathan Archer at the battle of Procyon V

The Federation forces are victorious over the Sphere Builders


In an alternate timeline, the Battle of Procyon V, fought in the 26th century over Procyon V, was the final battle in the invasion by the Sphere Builders. These transdimensional aliens had encroached into the Milky Way Galaxy, but were turned back by the forces of the Federation, including the USS Enterprise-J. Crewman Daniels, a time-traveler, brought Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise forward in time from the 22nd Century to this battle in order to convince him of the need to make peace between the Xindi and the Humans.