United Federation of Planets vs. Klingon Empire   United Federation of Planets Casualties: Unknown, USS Farragut lost.

Klingon Empire Casualties: Unknown, reinforcements stopped.


Klingons attack the field hospital on Ajilon Prime

Starfleet forces defend the hospital


The Battle of Ajilon Prime was a skirmish between forces of the United Federation of Planets and those of the Klingon Empire on Ajilon Prime in 2373 during the Second Federation-Klingon War.

Breaking an existing cease-fire established earlier in the year, the Klingons quickly took two settlements in the northern hemisphere and destroyed the main hospital.

As a response, Starfleet quickly setup a field hospital 50 kilometers from the frontline. The hospital was short of staff and supplies, so Deep Space Nine Chief Medical Officer Julian Bashir and Jake Sisko went to Ajilon Prime to assist the field hospital.

Reinforcements from Starfleet, the USS Farragut, were intercepted and destroyed. The USS Defiant was quickly dispatched to reinforce the Starfleet contingent.

Using transport scramblers, the Klingons resorted to hand-to-hand combat, injuring or killing many Starfleet soldiers. The Klingons finally reached the underground hospital, which was evacuated to a base at Tananda Bay. The Klingons continued to close, but the entrance to the tunnel was deliberately sealed by Jake Sisko. Soon after the ceasefire was reinstated and the Klingons withdrew.