United Federation of Planets vs. Sphere Builders
Additional Powers: Na'kuhl
Shadow Man helping the Suliban
  Casualties: Good luck figuring THAT out!

United Federation of Planets victory.

Daniels sets the timeline


The Temporal Cold War is an ongoing conflict being fought between several time-traveling factions in different periods, each trying to manipulate history for its own benefit, in violation of the Temporal Accords.

With new incursions and alterations made by temporal agents, it is difficult to determine precise battlefields, locations, or origins. Although this is unclear, what is know is that the Temporal Prime Directive has been rescinded by a future Starfleet for the duration of the conflict.

The conflict came to a decisive "end" in 1944 New York City when Captain Jonathan Archer, Silik (the leader of the Suliban Cabal) and the crew of the Enterprise destroyed a "temporal conduit" built by the Na'kuhl faction leader Vosk. In the subsequent explosion, Vosk is destroyed, and the present timeline is restored.