Non-genetically enhanced humans vs. Augments
Additional Powers:  
  Casualties: 30-37 million. All Augments overthrown. Over eighty augments unaccounted for.

Non-genetically enhanced human victory

Khan Noonien Singh - an augment


The Eugenics Wars were a global conflict that occurred during the mid to late 1990s. During this time, human genetic engineering had advanced to the point where subjects were created with enhanced senses, strength, and intelligence.

These subjects quickly established themselves as supermen and attempted world domination. The most notable of them, Khan Noonien Singh, conquered a quarter of the planet, from Asia through the Middle East. These "Augments" simultaneously seized power in over 40 nations. Khan considered himself a prince "with power of millions." The Eugenics Wars had a devastating impact on Earth. Entire populations were bombed out of existence, however large portions of the planet were unaffected including the United States of America.

However, the Augments' power was short-lived. Non-genetically enhanced humans eventually defeated the group of Augments, with Khan the last to fall. Khan and 83 of his followers had managed to flee the planet unattended aboard a DY-100 class sleeper ship named the SS Botany Bay.