Award:    Guardian of Forever Award - TrekCore - January 2007
Comment:    The Computer Core Dump has been awarded's Guardian of Forever Award in honor of your contribution to preserving the Star Trek On-Line Community. By rebuilding your site, you've kept a valued resource to the community around, and demonstrated true Trekkie spirit.

The Guardian of Forever award was created especially for just such instances, and we salute you for going above and beyond the call in pursuit of keeping the dream alive.


Award:    STGF Gold Web Award - September 2002


Award:    Ex Astris Excellentia - August 2002
Comment:    Many fans are seeking general Trek facts or pictures in the web, but this is often more time-consuming than one might think. There are a lot of databases, but most of them seem to be permanently under construction. Fortunately there is a one-stop place called The Computer Core Dump. This site has all the canon information about characters, ships, places, uniforms and equipment from all five series that fans are looking for. The Computer Core Dump has a good balance between textual information and pictures, and there are frequent updates with new information about Enterprise or about the upcoming movie. The site's navigation is very user-friendly, as the visitor does not have to browse through menus with abstract names, but finds direct links to all the categories already on the main page. The LCARS design of the Computer Core Dump may be overused throughout the web, but I think it suits the site. As the site's introduction says, it is "for new people and old pros alike", and I can affirm that.


Award:    Explosive Site Award - Star Trek Minutiae - June 2001
Comment:    Sometimes, you have to get back to the basics. Sure, it's great to read an exhaustive analysis about Voyager's journey across the Delta Quadrant or the length of the U.S.S. Defiant, but what do you do when you need a map of the Delta Quadrant, or a simple profile image of the Defiant? That's when you turn to the Computer Core Dump.

Webmaster Victor Ordonez has compiled a highly useful collection of the Trek essentials, from ship images and screenshots to political symbols, the Rules of Acquisition, and dozens and dozens of sound files. Are you looking for a handy reference to the Borg Vinculum? Or maybe you need the text of the Organian Peace Treaty, or that cool map of the star systems which were explored by the original U.S.S. Enterprise. Whatever it is, it's bound to be in there somewhere.

The Computer Core Dump is a valuable resource for any fan, not as a research or discussion site where different topics are discussed, analyzed, dissected, rationalized, and explained, but as a vast store of the kind of minutiae that anyone might need at any given moment... the kind of minutiae that can be found anywhere, but is conveniently collected all in one place, at the Computer Core Dump.


Award:    Site to Visit Award - May 2001


Award:    4 Bars of Gold Pressed Latinum Award - Tango Fleet - February 2000


Award:    Commander Award - Linda's Voyagers Page - February 2000


Award:    Warp Core Gold Award - Main Engineering - January 2000


Award:    Star Trek Leadership Site Award - August 1999
Comment:    Congratulations from Aida's Star Trek Universe! You have won the Star Trek Leadership Site Award!


Award:    Hirogen Trophies - Alpha Rank - Annorax's Star Trek Voyager Database - July 1999